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Cape Winelands
  • Only 7 seats available
  • For Coaches and Consultants
  • 29 June - 2 July 2020
  • Cape Town
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  • Only 7 seats available
  • For Speakers and Writers
  • 4 November - 8 November 2020
  • Egypt
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  • ​Higher Predictability for Greater Income Flow

  • ​More Profitability for a Stronger Bottom Line

  • ​Increase Your Prices without Stress or Concern

  • No More To Do List Syndrome

  • No More $ Per Hour Business Model

  • ​Become a Deal Maker, not a Worker Bee Consultant

  • Learn how to gain Global Positioning so you get paid in USD and spend in ZAR. Understand the workings of Scalability to get yourself away from the day to day and Breakthrough traditional Mindset Barriers that has kept you under a glass ceiling so that you:

    Will have greater prosperity for yourself and your family and community Free up time and space to do what you want, when you want, with who you want and understand the purpose of contribution, making a difference and leaving a legacy.

    Stunning Conversations

    Interesting Participants

    Gorgeous Visions

    Prior to you leaving at Midday on 3 July, you will be asked to give a short talk, and bring together everything you have learned with the group and the facilitators. You will leave the Platinum Mastermind with:

  • A complete system behind your Business - So that you can make a lot more money without doing a lot more work

  • Outlines & Templates - So that you can plug and play, mixing your old material and ideas with fresh methodologies

  • A Sales & Marketing System -  Which will massively increase existing revenue and laser focus profitable activities

  • An understanding of Strategic Partnerships & Brokers - so that you can leverage your results and gain much greater bandwidth

  • A methodology and system that works to Brand you as an Influencer - Meaning you no longer have to 'sell' yourself, as people will want you

  • Prior to you leaving at Midday on 8 November, you will be asked to give a short talk, and bring together everything you have learned with the group and the facilitators. You will leave the Platinum Mastermind with:

  • A complete Productisation of your Essence - So that you can make a lot more money from your true passions.

  • Outlines & Templates - So you can easily write your book, and swap around content in talks as needed

  • A Sales & Marketing Upgrade -  Which will multiply your income, stop you wasting precious time and have you focused on doing the right things right

  • A more complete understanding of your stage - enabling you to have greater impact, change more lives and increase your sales

  • A full and complete knowledge of the role of authorship - so that you can build a stronger profile, a greater sales base and a better life


    IMPACT Your Business & Life in Just 5 Days


    Arrive early morning with a handful of other handpicked leaders from all over the world. You will learn how much influence, micro influence and soft approaches make a difference in your brand, bookings and bottom line. Today you will get more acquainted with your newly formed consortium of business owners and leaders. Partnerships form at our events that tend to have this math: 1 + 1 = 11



    On this day you will come to understand to secret principles and importance of building an Empire for yourself and others. True leadership is complimented by critical Communication skills that you will acquire, coupled with clear strategies on how to Harvest and bear fruit from the relationships and alliances that are most dear to your heart. Learn what consistency has to do with your ability to influence and impact the world on a grand scale. Find out how to be more transparent in your personal relationships and business dealings and why intimacy is a new currency of trust.


    Get incredibly deep insight into the Psychology of who you are, and why people behave the way they do. Assess and evaluate your Social Proof Profile in-depth and learn how to increase your Visibility. Your influencer horizons will be broadened with interesting discussion on what you choose to Invest your time and money in. You will learn what Energy Management Systems are required for you to truly accelerate as an Impactful Leader.

    DAY 2 - MEANING: 

    Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to invent and own a leadership constitution that ads true Value to its followers. Learn the master art of creating a true Vision for your business and family; as well as how to hold the attention of masses by combining profit with global Contribution. You will experience people in the group who have strong values and who create natural followers to their leadership.


    On your final day we will focus on the key elements and priorities that are required to launch the next level of your potential. For ultimate impact, you will be working on your own customised pathway and plan for the next few months. 


    Parting with your other Masterminders is often a very emotional experience as you have made new life long friends, and completed an incredible journey of self discovery with the others. This is why we love doing this.

    It creates such incredible leaders.

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    Cape Winelands


    About Your Hosts 

    Mike Handcock

    Mike Handcock is Chairman and Founder of the Circle of Excellence Group, an international organisation that gives business owners access to prosperity, freedom and purpose. For over ten years he has worked with 300,000 entrepreneurs in over fifty countries.

    Acknowledged as one of only thirty three speakers in the world to be certified globally (Global Speaking Fellow, CSP*), Mike has contributed to the industry as an international speaker regularly visiting six continents, as well as the official chairman of the GSF’s* “Leader to Legacy” Global Speaker Summit 2018. He is multi-award winning, with most recent acknowledgements being New Zealand Speaker of the Year, New Zealand Educator of the Year and now a Life Member of NSANZ*. 

    His philanthropic activities have been acknowledged by a US President, including setting up model villages in India for education and major support of orphanages in Cambodia. Mike serves on the Board of the Sage Foundation as well as the Global Dialogue Foundation, an organisation that promotes dialogue between cultures and religions worldwide. His 2010 film 'Dreamcatchers' has reached over 500,000,000.

    Landi Jac

    Landi Jac is the Global Director of Worldwide Business Intelligence, a company that is dedicated to the education of entrepreneurs across the world. Qualified with a Masters Degree that combines Economics and Industrial Psychology, Landi’s message to entrepreneurs places equal importance on business and mind.

    Her signature IP (Intellectual Property) includes The Money Train™, IBUT™, The High-End Product Design Process™ and other unique holistic methodology that supports entrepreneurs with cutting edge no-nonsense blueprints, infographics and systems that take the white noise away from business and give a solid platform to grow through.

    As part of the executive board of the Circle of Excellence Group, Landi guides the global growth of five companies in the personal and professional development field. She is a Certified Senior Consultant through the IIOPC* and trusted advisor to award-winning business leaders from all over the world including several global association presidents, TedX Speakers, Ernst & Young Award Winning Entrepreneurs and Celebrities.

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    Platinum Mastermind is limited to a maximum of seven attendees.

    Your Investment includes, food, accomodation, primarily on a twin share basis and facilitation. It does not include, travel, flights, transfers, Visas and personal items. 10% Deposit must be paid on booking to secure your spot. Payment plans may be arranged.

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